Fundraiser - Help a fellow gamer on New Year's Day!

on our forumsHolly

Hey guys,

This is a little random, a little gamer related, and a little community oriented, so I'm posting it here.

As well as working for this site, I'm a member of the Joystiq Podcast Appreciation Group on Facebook. We're pretty awesome. What's not so awesome is that one of our members recently had to have a very expensive ($7,000) gum graft surgery that insurance would not pay for. Their reason? It was due to a pre-existing condition, diabetes. (insert your choice curse word for insurance company here)

So, we of the JPAG have mobilized to help our buddy, and invite you to help if you can. Did I mention there will be sweet, sweet swag? Yes folks, tomorrow on New Gums Day, you could win some fine stuff just by donating to help a dude out. I've rambled on long enough, so here's a link for info on donating and such:

Happy New Year!