E3 2012: Is it too late for Street Fighter X Tekken on the PS Vita?


If you know anything about my relationship with videogames it's that Street Fighter is a huge part of it. Those on my Xbox LIVE friends list are probably sick of Street Fighter IV (insert edition here) always accompanying my gamertag. Unfortunately that has meant almost nothing when it comes to Street Fighter X Tekken. Sure, I own the game and have played quite a bit of it. Notice that "have played" isn't still play or play

It has been months since I've touched Street Fighter X Tekken and by association SSFIVAE. With all of the problems the game had at its inception I was supremely willing to fogive all and soldier through, but that only lasted for so long. Three odd weeks after launch it had been a real chore to ignore all of the iusses. Fixed at this very moment or not, I'm done with SFxT, at least for now. EVO (which is very soon) might get me back in, or is it this Vita version that's on the way?


 Bryan, Jack, Lars and Alisa

Again, I own a PS Vita as well. Do I see myself ever touching the Vita version of SFxT unless I end up with a copy for review? Hells NO! It's too late Capcom. You blew your shot to hook not only me, but many that I know who or know of who are hardcaore about fighting games just as much as I am or more so in some cases. We are who you have been whoring yourself out to for years while the rest of the gaming world laughs at us for buying all of your upgrades and re-releases.  

Cody and Guy

 If interest in the game is there chances are you already own the game on a console. Those hardcore about fighting games are highly competitive. So answer me this? Why would any of us by a hanheld version of a game we might or might not already own to play on a platform that is obviously not where the bulk of the competition is going to be? Extra characters or not. I felt burned by SFXT and still do in a lot of ways and I'm sure no one like me is up for that feeling again on an inferior plaform for fighting games.