Started by one gamer named Michael Pacheco (Gamertag: Thrills Killa), this blog was once named K1lla’s Xbox Domain from April ‘06 – October ‘06. I (The Editor) thought that this blog needed a name change and changed it to “The Xbox Domain“. Since Starting in April 2006, then “The Xbox Domain” and now "The Videogame Domain" has had over 7.5 Million visitors and over 9.5 Million page views as of August 30th, 2010.

Contests, Game Developer Interviews, News, Xbox Culture, Community interviews, Rants, all this and more is found on “The Videogame Domain”.

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While Xbox is still our preferred platform, all avenues of gaming will be covered . Our then Editor-in-Chief ( Micheal Pacheco) received the 2007 and 2008 Xbox MVP Award which gave us a close relationship with Microsoft and we thank them again and again for that opportunity. Please don’t be mistaken in thinking that we represent Microsoft or any other company. We’re 100% Independent and answer to no one.

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The Videogame Domain is not a site where we rehash press releases or are “Yes Men” to the video game publishers. If a game sucks, we say it sucks. We don’t sugar coat anything and we only cater to one kind of person… The Reader. 

The Videogame Domain is run by freelance writers who blog for passion and without them this site would not be up today.

The Videogame Domain Staff:

Editor-In-Chief:  William Bell

After finally getting my NES in 1987 I was in heaven, up until I saw Sonic the Hedgehog on the Genesis. I quickly jumped to Sega and road their ship as a devoted Sega fanboy. The Saturn came and I loved it. The Dreamcast came and I loved that even more, especially Soul Calibur and Jet (set) Grind Radio. Once Sega broke my heart and left the console hardware business in 2000, I became a PC only gamer.

Building several computers between then and now, I decided to jump back into console gaming when I saw that the only place I could play Splinter Cell at the time was the Xbox. Since then I have preferred Xbox over the other platforms, even though I do own a PS2 and Gamecube as well.

My interest in online gaming started with the Dreamcast and Sega net, then moved on to the PC where I became very accustomed to playing with other people. Just so happen the Xbox had just started to offer what I had grown to like about PC gaming. This leads me into now where I still can’t get enough of Xbox Live, because it has the best online console experience available.


PSN ID-Sacredleader

E-mail- willtheme@gmail.com or william[at]thexboxdomain.com or william[at]thevideogamedomain.com

Freelancer: David Wetty

I've been gaming since the Sega Master System got me hooked on Phantasy World.  Now I'm pretty loyal to the Xbox 360.  My favorite games come on Xbox Live Arcade, but I'm a sucker for great single player games.  Hit me up on Xbox Live if you want to game.