Mobile is here to stay!


With the likes of iOS, Android, and Windows Phone the landscape of mobile computing has changed forever. Right along with this new world we live in the gaming world on the small front is drastically changing. No longer do we live in a gaming world of only $30 plus physical releases. It's all about the app store and so shall it be for a long time from here on out. 

I've been aware of Youtube star and former Rocketboom Host memeMolly for quite a while. Is she a gamer? As an example; I'd gather that she isn't quite what you or I would call "a gamer" yet the above video demonstrates to a tee what the mobile gaming landscape has become. And sure, the likes of the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS will still exist, competition from titles like Game Dev Story and all of its brethren at a fraction of the price of a tradition mobile title tells the 'story'. Would Molly be making a video like the one up top if there were no App Store? There's a ride out there and it's taking us along for the adventure whether we like it or not.