Prince of Persia’s Story Continues with ‘Epilogue’ DLC

Prince of Persia: Epilogue Picture

According to a recent interview with IGN, Ubisoft will be releasing a new downloadable content pack to last year’s time-rewinding platformer, Prince of Persia.  Associate producer, Jamal Rguigui says “Epilogue,” “will develop the relationship between the Prince and Elika following the end of the game and will give additional narrative elements.”  Beyond expanding the games story, new attacks and abilities will be added in this downloadable follow up.  Magical partner, Elika, will be getting a powerful new power called “Energize.” According to Rguigui, “This power allows Elika for a short period of time to materialize an area of the environment that was previously destroyed.”  This ability will play a major role in allowing players to reach locations previously out of reach to the prince.  The prince is also getting some new skills in the way of a sprint attack.  This attack will allow the prince to stun his enemies and take the offensive.  Rguigui believes this attack will “make for even more intense combat sequences.”  While no word has been given on pricing, the DLC will be hitting Xbox Live February 26th.  For the full interview and screenshots, check out the source link below.

Matthew “Webnet” Moore

[Source IGN]