Rumor: Army of Two 2 titled "The 40th Day"


  • The game takes place in Shanghai, where a network of PMCs are looking to take over, under the rule of a leader with a hidden purpose

  • Rios and Salem are back, however they've been reluctantly dragged into the conflict and don't have the full story

  • The game will feature moral decisions, a deeper weapons customization system, multiple endings, and even a few followers

  • Multiplayer will be outsourced yet again

  • On the technical side: The 40th Day adds Beast lighting and Fracture, as well as an improved networking system

  • Environmental interaction: some weapons will be capable of tearing through thin walls and obstacles in the game; and new AI scripts will improve your partner's realism (e.g., peeking through windows, taking out enemies silently, etc.)

  • EA will be tossing civilians into the mix, which you can use as human shields

  • 1st map is the introduction

  • 2nd map is the invasion; with Rios and Salem escaping from a crumbling building

  • 3rd map takes place in a zoo

  • 4th map takes Rios and Salem to a hospital


    Lewis "aStagnantSleep" Garcia