Rock Band DLC Preview: 9/29/09 - Alice in Chains, Breaking Benjamin & More!

According to a member on ScoreHero.com
To coincide with the release of Black Gives Way to Blue, AIC has partnered with Rock Band to release two very special download packs. The first download pack, available on Tuesday, will feature "A Looking In View", "Check My Brain", "No Excuses", "Rooster", and "Would?". Keep a close eye on AliceInChains.com for more news about the release of the second download pack coming soon.

EDIT: More DLC announced for next week,  rest of article fixed; see below.

In addition to the Alice in Chains pack, Harmonix has also announced they will release a three singles from  Breaking Benjamin, including their huge hit "So Cold", as well as two songs from Kula Shaker and one single from Just Kait.

Full  List of Songs Being Released This Week:
680 MSP for the Alice in Chains Pack 01; 160 MSP per track; 80 MSP for "U Suck"

Alice in Chains Pack 01:


Songs Vocalists Should Check Out:

Songs Guitarists Should Check Out:

Songs Bassists Should Check Out:

Songs Drummers Should Check Out:

Best Party Bets:

Hidden Gem of the Week: