Xbox Live friend list limit to jump to 1,000?

We don't know who these people are, but judging from their looks, they are dying to be your XBL friends

It seems like now your Xbox Live friend list will have the capability to rival your Facebook friend list. According to a Joystiq report stemming from Xbox Germany leaking the info on Facebook, Microsoft will be bumping the limit up to 1,000. Maybe this is going to come with the new update?

Check out the rough translation from Joystiq and Google Translation below and get ready to have more friends than you'll ever want to be notified on screen about:

"A lot of long-term change was desired by Xbox LIVE users the limit of 100 friends. With the update you can now up to 1,000 friends of your friends list. How many friends do you have? Not enough? Then you looking for new friends on the Finder tab!"