Sega Announces Next Batch of Dreamcast Digital Titles!

You likely won't find a stranger combination of two titles announced side-by-side in recent history. After Sonic Adventure was brought into the current generation, with Crazy Taxi not far behind it next month, Sega thought it might be time to announce the next two Dreamcast titles that would be available as digital downloads for the current gen consoles.

The first title announced today by Sega is the ever popular Space Channel 5 - Part 2. The title is a rhythm based game that follows a dancing reporter as she battles through waves of Rhythm Rogues. The title is a cult classic and even features SPACE MICHAEL JACKSON. Don't believe us? Check out the awesomeness at the bottom of the post!

The other title was one of the most popular and acclaimed titles in the history of the console, Sega Bass Fishing. Taking a page out of Nintendo's playbook for this title, Sega decided to actually produce a fishing rod peripheral for use with this title. We hope that the current fishing rod peripheral for other current-gen titles will work with Sega Bass Fishing, as the title was never the same when you just used your controller.

What do you think about this announcement? Is Sega bringing the right titles out from the impressive library of Dreamcast titles? What titles would you like to see next? Leave us your thoughts below!