The Jace Hall Show takes on Street Fighter


If you know anything about me, it's one thing; I can't get enough of anything Street Fighter. Put Street Fighter in it and it's immediately on my radar. Fortunately for The Jace Hall Show they've checked off all (there is really only one) of the required boxes. There's no "Shake it baby" or "Come get some" from Duke Nukem this time around which is what many are likely to remember as the last time they heard of The Jace Hall Show. This time Jace Hall (formerly of Monolith fame) has wrangled together a bunch "luminaries" from around the gaming world (and Tay Zonday) to preach the good word of Street Fighter. Whether or not it's good is up to public opinion, but looking at the current comments on the video over on Hulu it just goes to show that hate is something the internet breeds extremely well.

[Via Hulu]