Activision and Marvel announce X-Men: Destiny

Looks like Marvel is at it again with the X-Men franchise! After a successful X-Men game starring Wolverine, the X-Men game front sort of went silent. Today, we found out why. Turns out Activision has been working on a new, groundbreaking title in the series called "Destiny".

Not much is known about the title, but the announcement describes it as follows:

The all-new original video game casts players as new mutant recruits 
in a rich, branching storyline that features deep element of choice and
gives players ultimate control of their destiny.

Sounds to us like we might have a nice role-playing X-Men game on our hands! Who wouldn't want to play a game like that? Especially when you throw a potential moral-choice aspect into the gameplay mechanics? Yes please!

To top it all off, attendees to the New York Comic-Con this weekend will be able to get a first glimpse of the title at the Activision booth! If you end up going, stop back here and let us know your thoughts in the comments section!