Is this you when you play Street Fighter?


Ever play a videogame and have an exorbitant amount of rage toward said game only to keep coming back for more? Sure you have. That's the sort of thing that separates a "gamer" from everyone else who quits upon their first occurrence with the endemic and inevitable stares at the ground and/or sky with a first or third person game. When it comes to a fighting game though, the precision of control needed to do certain things is at the up most importance, but when an input is keyed only for that action to not occur on screen is when feats of rage are bound to ensue. 

I personally play a lot of Street Fighter of any flavor (especially Super with "Vanilla" originally of course) and the below video is most definitely something that I can safely say I've done may times over. If you don't like or care to hear profane language or if NSFW means anything to you you might want to hedge your bets on watching this video otherwise welcome home. "Shit just got real" for this Super Street Fighter IV player. I've been there on a near daily occurrence and I'm sure you have too.