GameFly Begins Using FastReturn to Decrease Shipping Time!

If you're anything like us, you have a very love-hate relationship with the online game renting service, GameFly. The service has an amazing inventory ranging from brand new to last generation games, but there have always been a few issues.

The main issue that most people have is that it can be very difficult to get new games. GameFly has gotten noticeably better about stocking newer titles as of late, but the issue of shipping/receiving time has remained the elephant in the room.

Today, GameFly began utilizing a similar service to that of Netflix in order to decrease time in between games. With FastReturn, the United States Postal Service will scan the game upon receipt and let GameFly know that the game is on its way. Once GameFly hears about this, they will ready your next game for shipment and send it on its way to your home! This shows amazing promise and will do wonders to increase customer satisfaction.

Check out the full details regarding this announcement below and click here to get started with GameFly and you'll also get a free month of renting in the process!

In partnership with the U.S. Postal Service, GameFly has launched our FastReturn® service to improve turnaround time. This means improved shipping times for GameFly members!

FastReturn® will start the processing of your next game as soon as we receive confirmation from the U.S. Postal Service that a game has been returned in the mail. You may no longer need to wait until we receive the returned game in our warehouse before we send the next available game in Your GameQ!

NOTE: The USPS does not have scanning equipment in all locations. Therefore, not all GameFly members will be able to participate in this service.