TVD Music Friday: Halo 2's "Peril"


With Kinect taking over much of gamings landscape this week here's a throwback to simpler times when Halo 2 was the end all be all with none of this no controller nonsense (not that there's anything wrong with that) to be found. Xbox was largely greatful to the OG Halo and so shall cometh Halo 2 to smite all in its path. And, aside from a oddly placed Incubus track (boy was that weird) Halo 2's soundtrack is arguably every bit as good as the gameplay it accompanied.

Besides Steve Vai's crazily received electric guitar triumphs in Halo 2's version of the Halo theme, the third track on the two volume soundtrack "Peril" is quite possibly the track that most personifies what Halo is to this day. It starts off very slow as it builds and swells into a beautiful piece of Halo nirvana for your ears. Halo is famous for its 30 seconds of fun, but will be remembered for its Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori music scores that bring it all together.