TVD Music Saturday: ToeJam & Earl 'James Brown in Space'


Remember ToeJam & Earl? Remember how great that game was? Well, looking back on it now the game wasn't that great, but the style was most definitely off the charts for the time. Where else were and still are you going to get the funk? If there's anything missing from today's gaming landscape it has to be the absence of "The Funk". Unfortunately the times have passed by ToeJam & Earl much in the same way the times have long forgotten the brash humor of something like Duke Nukem (albeit the eventual arrival of Duke Nukem Forever so says Gearbox Software). The third game on the original Xbox was a novel idea that just didn't quite have a place in today's 3D geometry dominated world versus the pop out and punch you in the face 3D "dilemma". Nevertheless, if ToeJam & Earl is remembered for anything rather it be through Virtual Console or by other means, lets not forget where the funk is at when it comes to videogames. 

And for good measure, the 'James Brown in Space' OC Remix played in Audiosurf, after the break.