Portal 2 Information Roundup

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    March 1:
  • Valve releases a patch for the PC version of Portal through Steam, citing a "changed radio transmission frequency to comply with federal and state spectrum management regulations." A questionable update will surely strike fans odd so members of the Steam community have figured out that radios have been added to each level. The radios now happen to transmit a signal that earn you a "Transmission Received" achievement when you bring them to certain spot in each level. Certain transmissions are actual morse codes that can be deciphered into images. Sounds crazy but Valve seems to know make their games intriguing.

  • One of the images contained a BBS number that revealed a ton of ASCII images, as well as messages from Aperture Science founder Cave Johnson.

  • Besides the whole morse code ARG-like nonsense happening within the title, Valve quietly updated the ending to Portal by adding 15 more seconds to the original. The extended ending reveals what could be the sequels player character. The entire ending, including the extended 15 second part can be seen below:

    March 5th:
  • Valve officially announces the sequel to 2007's Portal and is confirmed to be the cover article to the April 2010 issue of Game Informer. The magazine is said to feature a 12-page article that states the title will include "new gameplay mechanics, storyline, and some surprising new twists" as well as a separate co-op campaign featuring two new playable characters.

  • Within the time of the announcement, Valve's Doug Lombardi confirmed the sequel's arrival on the PC and Xbox 360 is due this Holiday season.

  • During this year's Game Developers Conference, Valve's Managing Director Gabe Newell had one of his slides fail, entering a Blue Screen of Death. Coming from Valve, it isn't an ordinary screen. The blue screen of death had an message from GLaDOS:

  • A fatal exception (S) has occurred at (U)(S) : (P)(E)(N)(D) in (U)(N )(T)((I)) *
    (L)(E)(E)(E). The current application will be terminated.

    "best game [They've] ever done"

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