Announcement: TXD is going multiplatform

With much deliberation the decision to move The Xbox Domain away from being focused on Xbox only has been in the works for a very long time now. Any regular visitor should have noticed the stagnant content flow as of late as we have been building a new site. The current site as it is will be getting a face lift, but things as a whole are changing. This site was and has never been an Xbox apologist site and that will most certainly continue on. As it were, Xbox just so happens to be the platform we prefer although many of us own and play nearly every platform under the sun. In light of this, it makes since for us to broaden our scope and cover whatever there may be out there. Xbox will still be our preferred platform along side PlayStation, Nintendo, and PC.
So, what does this mean?
The current site will be rolled into a much bigger site that will allow for readers to determine what they pay attention to. The Xbox portion of the site will mostly be the same as it is now as The Xbox Domain. If you only want to see Xbox related content that's fine. The current url will forward over to the Xbox part of this new site. Once this happens you'll be forwarded to the new site. Unfortunately user accounts will not be making the move over.

If you are a writer/podcaster who would like to join our team please feel free to look over the staff hierarchy and instructions to see if there is a position you’d like to tackle. Do Not contact us if you aren’t serious about this as consistency is a must from anyone applying.