PlayOn is bringing March Madness to a console near you, again



 MediaMall's PlayOn Media server is at it again for those ready to throw down for some March Madness college basketball. The 2011 NCAA Tournament offically starts today (not counting those first 4 games) and those looking to catch every second of the action can so so once again through their PC with the PlayOn media server.

For those who have purchased PlayOn, you should now have an option for NCAA®March Madness on Demand® where you can get a stream of every game throughout the entire tournament pushed to your console or device of choice ( Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, iPhone, iPad, Google TV, Android phone (Requires OS 2.2), brite-View CinemaTube, Roku, Cirago Network HD Multimedia, Moxi HD DVR, HP MediaSmart TV, NETGEAR Digital Entertainer Live EVA2000, UEBO M200, VuNow VN1000SD/HD). Making sure you have the latest version of the server is all that you need to enjoy all of the college basketball "madness".