Happy Birthday! TVD turns 5!


 It's been quite the ride over the past 5 years. What was originally Killa's Xbox Domain has morphed through several incarnations of itself with contribution of several dozen writers arriving at what you see today. Multiple redesigns and content focus changes have come and gone along with a staff that has seen many ups and downs over the years. 

This site was up until a mere 8 months ago deadicated to all things Xbox. Not that any on staff in the past or now only games on Xbox, it was our preferred platform and why not imbrace that. Micheal Pacheco founded this site way back in April of 2006 as a one man band until six months later where a number two writer was eventually added (hey, that's me). Not long after more were added to the staff. The entire idea was that the entire staff was made up on freelancers giving everyone a chance to write for whoever they wanted without being tied down here. At some point that message was lost. 

Today is the begining of bringing that freelance spirit back. There are many writers out there who have lots of content ideas shot down by their respective editors. I would like for this to be the place where no idea is shot down, just revised. As long as you have command of the English language you have a place here at what is now TVD. If you specialize in a particluar platform no problem. Our "Write with us" page will be updated within the next few days allowing for anyone to submit their content directly to us. Our style guide will be imbedded directly on the page as to allow you to know exactly what we are looking for.

Here's to many more years with hoepfully your content to be apart of our stable as it is shared with the world.