E3 2012: EA Conference recap


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“10 developers to show off 10 great games”


  • First up is Dead Space 3 by Visceral Games. A trailer for the game is shown followed by a gameplay demo. The game is to be playable in Co-op as well. Dead Space 3 to be released in February 2013.
  • Second is Madden 13. The Infinity Engine is the focus.
  • 3rd up is Maxis. The first talking point is SimCity Social for Facebook. Next is SimCity proper with a new video of its Glass Box Engine at work including multiplayer.
  • Next is Dice. Battlefield 3 Premium is announced. Premium will be $49.99. PC and Xbox 360 players get access next week while PS3 players get access right now.
  • Next is Bioware. First up for Bioware is Star Wars: The Old Republic. This July everyone can play up to level 15 for free.
  • Next is Medal of Honor Warfighter with a lengthy gameplay demo and a new trailer.
  • Next up is EA Sports with FIFA 12 followed by a gameplay trailer. Next is
  • Next is Criterion with Need for Speed Most Wanted. Autolog 2.0 will be introduced with the game.
  • To end is a visual feast with the first ever gameplay demo of Crysis 3.