Nintendo World 2011 3DS "Whoa" moments


It's obvious in the world of Nintendo when "Shit just got real" for them. Anytime you hear or see of Nintendo World you know something big is on the way from them. This time around it's the impending launch of the Nintendo 3DS and the needed education for the masses who more than likely have a device with the letters "DS" on it already.

Nintendo 3DS first impressions

There's nothing like watching videos of people speaking a language you don't understand, yet at the same time uh's and ahh's tend to be universal and that's exactly what you see in the above video of various people checking out the 3DS for the first time at Nintendo World 2011. Will the unwashed masses do the same as in the above video? 

There is a lot you can gleam at from Nintendo World 2011. Those of you who speak Japanese should feel at home, but for the rest of us the below concert of Nintendo music during the event comes across just fine.

Nintendo Game Music Concert

[All videos courtesy of Nintendo World on Ustream]