Incentives accompany Darksiders PC


If you've haven't experiencde Darksiders up until now, you just might be in luck for waiting on the PC version of the game as you have quite a few perks to purchasing the title digitally. Depending on where you buy the game you may find yourself in a bit of a bind assuming one of the attached offerings is of your liking. Entire other games as an incentive is absolutely the way to do it, if at all.

In addition to purchasing the game through traditional retail outlets, gamers can opt to get their copy of Darksiders for the Window PC from 12.01am EST on the 23rd September through a variety of Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) partners. Users who pre-order Darksiders PC from Steam will receive a digital copy of Titan Quest™ Gold Edition for free, pre-ordering from Direct 2 Drive will earn gamers a free copy of Red Faction® Guerrilla™ for PC and Gametap is offering a free copy of Company of Heroes® with each pre-order.

Travis Plane, Vice President of Global Brand Management commented, “THQ is dedicated to delivering great product to the PC gaming audience so Vigil Games has pulled out all the stops to make this title every bit as satisfying as its console counterpart. We hope the PC audience enjoys battling the forces of heaven and hell in this great game.”

Being received rather well back in Janurary of this year from press across the industry, it most certainly doesn't hurt if more people get to play Darksiders not from their couch, but their preferred 2 foot experience with the most pixel pushing power they can muster.