Video: PlayStation Gamescom 2013 Q&A Panel


Assuming you want more PlayStation info this is the place to be. After the Gamescom 2013 PlayStation Conference can the following Panel with a view of PlayStation current luminaries. Skip forward to 27:00 for the panel. If you haven't played The Last of Us yet, skip to around 31:00 in (trust that you really need to start here if you haven't played The Last of Us yet).

Update: Gamescom 2013: Sony Conference Rundown


Update: The entire Conference can be found below in video.

The conference starts with a man ( it turns out later that it is Shuhei Yoshida) sitting in a chair on stage? He's browsing through the PS4's interface, then jumping into a live stream of a match of Killzone: Shadowfall, followed up by him joining the game he was just spectating. 

Following that up are a slew of audio quotes by various developers about the PS4.

  • Gran Turismo 6 quicks off the game portion of the conference. December 6th is the global launch date for the game on PS3.
  • Little Big Planet Hub to launch later this year on PlayStation 3 for free.
  • Grand Theft Auto V will be available in a PS3 hardware bundle (with headset) at launch.
  • The PS Vita is to receive a 3 new MegaPacks with an 8GB memory stick.  PS Vita to receive Borderlands 2 and Batman: Arkham Origins. Sony is to reduce the price of PS Vita in Europe and to reduce the cost of its memory cards.
  • Murasaki Baby is debuted via a trailer.
  • Big Fest is debuted via trailer. It's a Music Festival simulator of sorts. 
  • More developers are shown this time giving quotes about their love of working on the PS Vita. 
  • Mark Cerny takes the stage to talk more PS4.  
  • Rogue Legacy to make its console and handheld debut on PS4 and PS Vita in 2014. Binding of Isaac and to be available at no cost to PS Plus subscribers.
  • N++ will debut exclusively on the PS4 this fall. 
  • Volume (previous title released was Thomas Was Alone) world exclusive debut to land on PS4 next year.
  • Vlambeer are to debut Wasteland Kings on PS4 and PS Vita exclusively in 2014. 
  • Hotline Miami 2 to debut exclusively on PS4 and PS Vita in 2014.
  • Everybody's Gone to the Rapture is the first title debuted by WorldWide Studios via a trailer.
  • Tequila Works is bringing RIME to the PS4. 
  • Hell Divers is a crossplatform title by Arrowhead Studios (developers of Majicka) .
  • Housemark is to bring Resogun to the PS4.
  • Shadow  of the Beast is to come to the PS4. 
  • The Playroom will be preinstalled on every PlayStation 4. 
  • A new trailer for inFAMOUS: Second Son is shown. 
  • New multiplayer footage of Killzone: Shadowfall is shown in trailer form. 
  • Twitch.tv to come to PlayStation 4.
  • PS Plus free 14 day trial to come along with Drive Club and ResogunAssassin's Creed 3 to join the Instant Game Collection.
  • Assassin's Creed IV is shown off on the PS4 as well as while its being played on the PS Vita via remote play. The exclusive level of the game coming to PS4 and PS3 only is shown via trailer. Yves Guillemot is brought to stage to talk Ubisoft and their partnership to create movies based on their franchises.
  • Watch Dogs to receive exclusive content on PS4 and is highlighted via new trailer.  
  • Minecraft to land on PS4. War Thunder (from Mojhang) is also coming to PS4 and shown via a trailer. It is to be an airplane dogfighting MMO. The 12GB PS3 is to be priced at 199 Euro in Europe and $199 in North America as well as the PS Vita. PS3 to PS4 gamers will receive a significant discount on PS4 digital versions of their PS3 games.
  • The PS4 is to release on November 15th in the US and November 29th in Europe. 



E3 2013: SSCE Press Conference

PS4 logo.png

After a classic PlayStation montage, Jack Tretton takes the stage. 

PS Vita is up first with an overview of the platform as it is now. Batman: Arkham Origins, Counter Spy, Destiny of Spirits, Killzone: Mercernary, and Tearaway.  A PS Vita bundle with TellTale's Walking Dead is coming with

The Last of Us is highlight first with a lengthy montage. 

The newly announced Puppeteer is new with a reveal trailer. 

Next is Beyond: Two Souls is highlighted next with a lot of never before seen footage.

Following that up is Grand Tourismo 6 with a new trailer. 

A new Batman: Arkham Origins trailer is shown. The game releases on 10-25-2013.

A GTA 5 branded PS3 bundle will be available at it's launch for $299.00

Now onto the PS4 talk...

The PlayStation 4 in hardware form is finally unveiled. 

Micheal Lynton is brought on stage from Sony Pictures. Movies Unlimited and Music Unlimted to be available on PS4 day one.

30 PS4 games are in development. 20 to release within the first year of launch. 12 are new IP's.

Ready at Dawn's PS4 project The Order is revealed first.

A new trailer for Killzone: Shadowfall is shown. Followed up by Drive Club, Infamous: Second Son, and last Knack. 3 of those title will be at the launch of PS4. Infamous in the first quarter of launch.

The Dark Sorcerer is announced and shown off via trailer. Albeit it a weird one.

SuperGiant Games is brought onto stage to announce that their second game Transistor is to debut on the PS4 early 2014. 

A barrage of Indie titles is shown off. All of which will be making their exclusive console debut on PS4.

Final Fantasy vs XIII is finally brought back as well as Final Fantasy XV by Square Enix exclusively to PS3 and PS4.

 Kingdom Hearts III is finally announced for PS4.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag is shown off on PlayStation 4.

Watch Dogs is given a new gameplay demo. An additional hour of gameplay and an exclusive outfit will be available on PS4. 

A quick tech demo of NBA 2K14 is given featuring Lebron James.

Elder Scrolls Online is shown for PS4. To be released in spring 2014. A beta will be exclusively available first on PS4.

A mysterious trailer for Mad Max is shown off from Avalanche Games.

The PS4 supports used games with no restrictions. Games don't need to be connected online to play.  PS Plus memberships carry across to PS4.

Bungies Destiny is up last with its world gameplay premier.

PS4 will retail at $399 in the US, 399 in Europe and £349 in the UK.

PlayStation Meeting 2013 live stream

"The Future of PlayStation" is supposedly going to be revealed today. The entire industry is at a fever pitch of anticipation. Assuming you'd like to watch the livestream of this event you have arrived at the right place. 6 pm EST/3 pm pst is the time. See you there.

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown to be free for PlayStation Plus subscribers


Those who have dropped the dough for PlayStation Plus are getting a rather nice addition to their "instant game collection" as Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown is to be free for subscribers from now until July 3rd, 2012.

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown is also the PlayStation Plus Game of the Month. All PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to download the game as part of their instant game collection free between June 5th to July 3rd. In addition, we will be offering 20% off on both character customization bundle packs to Plus members for two weeks (6/5-6/19). We will also be offering one free dynamic theme and 20 free avatars (scheduled to be available on 6/26) to Plus members.

Others will have the following to choose from:

Two additional customization bundle packs, one consisting of nine character customization DLC packs and the other with 10 character customization DLC pack, are also available at launch for $14.99 each. Yes, that means there will be thousands of customization items per bundle pack.

However, only on PSN, for two weeks only (from June 6th to June 19th), the Complete Edition ($45 value), which includes the full game and all 19 character customization DLC packs, will be offered storewide at a discounted price of $29.99.

[Via PlayStation Blog]

E3 2012: PlayStation All Stars: Battle Royale to be joined by Bioshocks Big Daddy and Nathan Drake


There are many PlayStation characters to choose from throughout Sony's years in the PlayStation business, but things seem to have spilled over into the realm of third party as well. Besides spilling over onto the PS Vita ( revealed during Sony's E3 2012 Conference) as well, PS All Stars will also be adding Bioshock's Big Daddy. Of course, there's is Nathan Drake too, but we all know a Big Daddy is much better than a normal man no matter how charming and sly they are. Nathan Drake fans are welcome to send me hate mail to William[at]thexboxdomain[dot]com.

Via [PlayStation Blog]


E3 2012: Sony Conference Recap


Incase you missed the PlayStation Event tonight here are the main talking points shown and/or disscussed:


  • The briefing starts off with a montage highlighting all that is PlayStation.
  • Jack Tretton takes the stage to begin the talk about PlayStation.
  • First to take the stage after Jack is David Cage to announce Quantic Dream’s next title in Beyond: Two Souls. Ellen Page is announced to be the lead of the game, Jodie Holmes. A demo of Beyond follows.
  • Jack Tretton returns to the stage to introduce PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Chan Park announces that the game will be also available for the PS Vita and be cross compatible with the PS3. Two new characters will be available on the E3 show floor. (probably Nathan Drake from Uncharted and A Big Daddy from Bioshock).
  • Jack Tretton returns to the stage once again. Little Big Planet will receive an update later this year that will add cross controller play with the PS Vita with a new story mode and items.
  • It is announced that 80% of PS3 and PS Vita users are network connected. The Unfinished Swan is coming to the PSN exclusively. Each member in the audience is to receive one free year of PlayStation Plus ( something that makes those in attendance very happy obviously). PS One Classics are coming to PS Vita ( Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy VII are cited). Hulu Plus and Crackle are soon to arrive on PS Vita. Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified is announced for the PS Vita.
  • Imfamous 2, Saints Row 2, ad Little Big Planet 2 to be made free for PlaStation Plus members on 6-5-12 ( that means tomorrow).
  • Assassins Creed 3: Liberation is detailed and shown via a trailer. It will be available on October 30th. A PS Vita Assassins Creed 3: Liberation hardware bundle will be also made available with the game coming with a new Crystal white unit, a 4GB memory card, and a copy of the game of course.
  • A demo of Assassins Creed 3 on the PlayStation 3 is given. A sailing section of the game is demoed for the first time. A PS3 hardware bundle of the game will be made available with the game and exclusive day one DLC.
  • Far Cry 3 is demoed next. It is revealed that the game has four player co-op which is demoed for the first time.
  • Andrew House takes the stage (President and Group CEO, Sony Computer Entertainment America). Wonderbook is announced for PS3 which uses AR (Augmented Reality). Developer Moonbot Studio’s is developing Diggs NightCrawler for Wonderbook. Wonderbook: Book of Spells is also announced for Wonderbook brought to you by Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling using the PS Move. Dan Ranyard is brought out to demo Book of Spells.
  • PlayStation Suite is also covered by Andrew House. HTC is first 3rd party to be PlayStation Certified. PlayStation Suite along with this will be renamed PlayStation Mobile.
  • Jack Tretton returns to the stage with a single gameplay demo of God of War: Ascension. The release date for the date is revealed to be March 12th 2013.
  • The first gameplay demo for Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us is next.