E3 2013: SSCE Press Conference

PS4 logo.png

After a classic PlayStation montage, Jack Tretton takes the stage. 

PS Vita is up first with an overview of the platform as it is now. Batman: Arkham Origins, Counter Spy, Destiny of Spirits, Killzone: Mercernary, and Tearaway.  A PS Vita bundle with TellTale's Walking Dead is coming with

The Last of Us is highlight first with a lengthy montage. 

The newly announced Puppeteer is new with a reveal trailer. 

Next is Beyond: Two Souls is highlighted next with a lot of never before seen footage.

Following that up is Grand Tourismo 6 with a new trailer. 

A new Batman: Arkham Origins trailer is shown. The game releases on 10-25-2013.

A GTA 5 branded PS3 bundle will be available at it's launch for $299.00

Now onto the PS4 talk...

The PlayStation 4 in hardware form is finally unveiled. 

Micheal Lynton is brought on stage from Sony Pictures. Movies Unlimited and Music Unlimted to be available on PS4 day one.

30 PS4 games are in development. 20 to release within the first year of launch. 12 are new IP's.

Ready at Dawn's PS4 project The Order is revealed first.

A new trailer for Killzone: Shadowfall is shown. Followed up by Drive Club, Infamous: Second Son, and last Knack. 3 of those title will be at the launch of PS4. Infamous in the first quarter of launch.

The Dark Sorcerer is announced and shown off via trailer. Albeit it a weird one.

SuperGiant Games is brought onto stage to announce that their second game Transistor is to debut on the PS4 early 2014. 

A barrage of Indie titles is shown off. All of which will be making their exclusive console debut on PS4.

Final Fantasy vs XIII is finally brought back as well as Final Fantasy XV by Square Enix exclusively to PS3 and PS4.

 Kingdom Hearts III is finally announced for PS4.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag is shown off on PlayStation 4.

Watch Dogs is given a new gameplay demo. An additional hour of gameplay and an exclusive outfit will be available on PS4. 

A quick tech demo of NBA 2K14 is given featuring Lebron James.

Elder Scrolls Online is shown for PS4. To be released in spring 2014. A beta will be exclusively available first on PS4.

A mysterious trailer for Mad Max is shown off from Avalanche Games.

The PS4 supports used games with no restrictions. Games don't need to be connected online to play.  PS Plus memberships carry across to PS4.

Bungies Destiny is up last with its world gameplay premier.

PS4 will retail at $399 in the US, 399 in Europe and £349 in the UK.