Zen Pinball's 'Mars' Table now available on PSN


Support for Zen Studios 'Zen Pinball' continues with the release of the 'Mars' Table. The table can be purchased for 2.49 USD/1,99 EUR.  'Mars' is the fourth expansion table to be released for Zen Pinball.

The feature highlights of the table are as follows:

  • Dock the spaceship and activate the magnetic crane to collect space samples
  • Land with the space spider to analyze the ancient Martian symbols
  • Call in the satellite to scan distant galaxies, calibrate its solar collector and activate its electromagnetic fields to lock three balls
  • Restore the Mysterious Pyramid, then deactivate its defense system
  • Spell out MARS to activate the secret portal of lights
  • Repair the artificial gravity reactor to stabilize gravity on MARS

[Via Press Release]