Nier Review

With Nier, it really is all about the story, which is what the title does incredibly well. The story is intricate and full of details that cannot possibly be fully comprehended in the duration of one play through, which is why if you really like the game, it might benefit you to play it a couple of times. The voice acting, along with the fairly well-done cutscenes is the main reason the average player would want to keep playing this game.

All in all, Nier has a great and unique story to tell, but the manner in which the player must experience it is very flawed. The gameplay is bland and the graphics are pretty poor. When stacked up against games that have similar gameplay mechanics, Nier just doesn't stand a chance in a side by side comparison. Perhaps if Nier were to refine it's gameplay slightly and give the game a new coat of paint, the game would be a contender, but until that happens, Nier is a forgettable action RPG that will leave gamers wishing they were playing a more polished title.