Assault Heroes


  • Multiplayer co-op mode – Two players may play co-operatively online via Xbox Live or offline (same screen) with enhanced weapons and special attacks to encourage team-based campaigns.

  • Dynamic gameplay – Operate an armed 4X4, speed boat or simply fight on foot for a quick change of pace.

  • Arsenal of weapons – Equip characters with miniguns, flak cannons, flamethrowers, grenades and nukes to destroy everything in your path.

  • Realistic special effects –Destructible terrain and advanced physics engine provide a truly engaging Arcade experience.

  • Highly detailed graphics – Vehicles leave tracks in the sand, send parts flying when they explode, and leave smoke trails when taking damage.

  • Exhilarating Action-Packed Experience – Challenging and graphically compelling levels (including bonus sublevels) for fast-paced and addictive play.

  • Xbox Live Leaderboards

[Via Gamerscoreblog]