EGM Rumor Mill February 2007


Every month EGM has a rumor mill section. Whoever writes it is about 50-50 with his rumors he puts in the magazine. These month’s rumors are good for Xbox 360.

If you remember a few months back (October issue if you’re a little brain dead), I had a tidbit that the reanimated return of Dead Rising would land exclusively on the PS3. Well, seems Sony’s plans met an early grave. Yep, my undead sources tell me Microsoft delievered a marvelous moneyhat to Capcom in order to keep Dead Rising 2 a 360 exclusive.


Before the PS3 joined the console race, Sony’s beefy system gobbled up a bunch of great exclusives like Metal Gear Solid 4, Devil May Cry 4, and Virtua Fighter 5. But not that publishers are seeing the sytem sales, the thought of exclusivity ain’t so lucrative anymore. In fact, I caught wind many PS3 “exclusives” will either be pushed to 2008 or will also appear on the 360 to cover both the development costs and small user base of the PS3.


Developer Epic’s next frag-heavy shooter is currently a PS3 exlusive. Or at least it was - I learned Unreal Tournament 2007 is also heading to the Xbox 360.