Bomberman LIVE Gets an Update


Costumes come correct: If users have Bomb-Up Pack 2, but not Bomb-Up Pack 1, costume changes now save correctly.

. Less waiting between matches: The in-between match timer has been reduced to 20 seconds and is now visible to users.

. No more power-up lag: Previously, due to network lag, some power-ups that had already been picked up by one user remained on the ground on another user's screen. This is no longer the case.

. Know what you're getting yourself into: Users can now preview match settings from the game lobby.

. Brag for a minute: Online end of match screens now show gamerpics instead of Bomberman heads. There's also a timer of 60 seconds for the winner to brag.

. 1 bomb + 1 bomb = dangerous bomb: Kicking two bombs together now makes dangerous bombs more often.

. Over six figures of bombing: Leaderboards now show numbers beyond 100,000.

. Plunder some more: Scavenger can now be turned on for the "Plunder Isle" level.

Jereme "Restless Devil" Puik