Call of Duty 4: Infinity Ward planning update


recent overtake of Gears of War



Jereme "Restless Devil" Puik

Additions / Features:

  • Added Kill cam to Airstrike bombs and Claymores.

  • Addition of Host Migration so if Host Leaves auto-chooses next best host.

  • Tweaked the following Oldschool Mode settings based on feedback:
    - Added Unlimited Sprint
    - Increased Magazine Size
    - Added Ragdoll Cam

  • Addition of New "N0M4D" Control Scheme.

Optimizations / Tweaks:

  • Identify party by background color (in Lobby).

  • Optimized server selection for first match for better connections.

  • Improved network performance for 18 player games.

  • Optimized 'Chase Cam' when Spectating.

  • Fixed Playlist error when attempting to join from other games.

  • Handle Corrupt Create A Class data instead of kicking player.