DVD Empire Quits

DVD Empire - who are they? Well there a company who today quit selling video games. Their reasons are summed up briefly are they aren’t profitable and it’s a pain to work with the video game companies and how they shut the smaller companies out. I enjoy the gaming industry but I half agree with them. I was kind of shocked when I saw the Wii launch games were being sold to stores for $43.99 for Zelda and I’ve seen some 360 games sell for $54.99 to retailers. Microsoft makes money but not the sellers of the game. It’s unfair but that’s coporate America. Read all the reasons after the break for DVD Empire quitting selling video games. They gave seven reasons. Another thing is all games are now 20% off once they start discounting all of them. See all there reasons for quitting after the break. This proves that video games aren’t mainstream at all when a small company can’t sell them.


1. Video Game Industry Does Not Care:

2. Can’t Make Money:

3. No Price Protection + Games Prices Drop Quickly:

4. No Product Returns:

5. Distribution is Dumb:

6. Games Are Better Suited for Brick and Mortar Retailers:

7. The Final Reason:

[Via Gamastura]