Plumber's Toilet Leaks Again!


The toilet of Halo Alpha Leaks has had many leaks and Halo 3 has had many leaks. Today there are even more leaks. A german Xbox Site Evo-X( don’t try to go to site, its traffic killed it from the pics) posted some pictures of the Halo Alpha build. Luckily, the nice guy I am saved the files to my hard drive even if they are a bit small and am posting them now again for everyone to see! Here are the seven images of the Halo Alpha leaked today. They look a lot better than previous pics but still are a bit unimpressive but then I remembered there are over 8 months left to give this game some polish and if Bungie Weekly Updates are correct the game is basically done other than the polishing aspects and fine tuning it. Here are the pics after the break.








Donald -dpcough-