Gamepro GDC Predictions


PREDICTION: Microsoft will announce a final release date for Halo 3.

Likelihood: 75%
Submitted by: Major Mike

Why it WILL happen: Bungie has already targeted fall of 2007, but it's likely that Microsoft will attempt to grab headlines at GDC by narrowing this timeframe down to a specific month. Riding high on the success of Crackdown (due in part to the bundled Halo 3 beta invitation), Microsoft has little to lose and much to gain. In fact, Microsoft Game Studios' Xbox 360 plans for 2007 revolve almost entirely around Halo 3. As the first Halo game to land on the Xbox 360, expectations are high all around. Skipping Halo 3 talk at GDC would be a waste of an opportunity to get the game back into gamers' minds as they debate whether to buy an Xbox 360 or a PS3.

PREDICTION: Internet commentators will love Shigeru Miyamoto's keynote and hate Phil Harrison's.

Likelihood: 80%
Submitted by: Dave May Cry

Why it WILL happen: It's practically a given. The PS3's high price point, coupled with Sony's past displays of arrogance, have made the company an irresistible whipping boy for vitriolic blogs. In contrast, Nintendo's new underdog status and fan-favorite Wii have made them the critical darlings of the moment. In keeping, blog reactions will almost exclusively pan Harrison's keynote, regardless of what he actually says, while trumpeting that of the charismatic Miyamoto.


- Donald "dpcough" -