Is your Xbox Live account at risk?

Account Phishing

Ryan NaraineZDNetspeculatestheir site

"I have been involved with Microsoft Support for days on this exact issue and have spent many hours on the phone trying to prove to them that, first, my Windows Live ID was stolen and, second, the ID and password associated with my ID were changed; two actions that Microsoft swears can NEVER happen; and third that the thief was able then use my credit card information associated with one of my Windows Live ID accounts to purchase over $800 of Microsoft products.

Thank goodness for other websites that still contained my old Windows Live ID information and also the fact that, in order to gain access to those other websites, you NEED a Windows Live ID. After spending over 20+ hours on the phone with support and finally getting them to realize that I did indeed have a Windows Live ID, after pointing them to the other websites, I was told by a supervisor that "Yes, in fact, we have heard of some instances where a user's Windows Live ID had been compromized!"

After finally getting this confirmation and having a case number assigned and forwarded to Microsoft Security Investigations, they, also, confirmed it as a breach, issued me another Windows Live ID and then reinitialized the stolen Microsoft Products that were associated with the old ID over to the new ID."


[Editors Note-Gamerscoreblog has posted that Microsoft has no information of any Hacks on the xbox live system. Aaron reminds us to never give out your personal information to Strangers kiddos. Microsoft's response here]

-Joey "ImNotAMrNiceGuy" Trankina-