Red Octane Interview


Thanks for your time today for this interview Red Octane. I just wanted to say I've only played Guitar Hero a few times and know that I a lot of the people who own it can agree that it's great. With the move to Xbox 360 you made some changes to the game by changing the guitar style to the Gibson X-Plorer, what was the reason for this change as the old model was fine?

What's in store for the next set of downloadable content?

What are your plans for the future of the Guitar Hero franchise?

Is there any differences now that the development of Guitar Hero has been shifted to Neversoft?

What's your reaction to Harmonix's upcoming title Rock Band. That title will feature four instruments contrary to your one.

How long does it take to re-record some of these songs in Guitar Hero?

How's the situation going in getting a wireless Guitar controller for Xbox 360?

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This is more of a personal question for me but when are AC/DC songs going to get put into the game?

With Activision now controlling you is there any difference?

A title Boom Boom Rocket released on Xbox Live Arcade recently, will you ever make a way to get the Guitar Hero controller compatible with it?

Once again thanks for your time today. Any closing comments?

- Donald "dpcough" -