Celebrate Spider-Man 3 with Gamestop

If you have been anticipating the release of Spider-Man 3 then the time has arrived to get off your ass and celebrate it with some fellow Spidey lovers. Well, Gamestop announced today that they will be hosting a special midnight release of the game Spider-Man 3 to coincide with the release of the movie tonight. I know everyone has their own bias against Gamestop but who can resist a little web crawling action that late at night. Seriously though, does Gamestop really believe that people are going to show up for this thing? Even so, I am still excited about the movie coming out tomorrow and hope to catch an evening show if possible.

So who else is going to catch Spider-Man 3 tomorrow?

[via: Team Xbox]

-Brandon "Hoosierdaddy812" Petesch-