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  • The entry can be in the form of an MP3 emailed to the affiliate show OR as a voicemail left on that show’s voicemail line.

  • Only one entry per affiliate show, however multiple affiliate shows can be entered with unique audio clips. (No sending the same audio to multiple shows.)

  • Submissions will either be played on the affiliate show or put up on the show's website (or forums.allgames.com) and will be voted on via the community in a poll with the results hidden. Winners of these votes advance to the final round.

  • If one person wins multiple affiliate contests, a coin flip will determine which show he/she wins, the other show chooses the runner-up as their finalist.

  • The contest is only open to North American residents, as it is an NTSC-U console.

  • No copywritten materials are permitted in the entry - parody is okay, just don’t use the original.

  • All submissions become the property of the affiliate show they are submitted to, as they will be used in promotion of that show.

  • Cast and crew of the participating affiliate shows are not eligible

  • The decisions of the judges (affiliate show hosts at the affiliate level, All Games Radio at the final level) is final.


  • Sunday, April 20th: Submission period opens

  • Sunday, May 4th: Submission deadline at midnight PT

  • Monday, May 5th: Community voting for each site begins either on host site or on forums.allgames.com (affiliate’s choice)

  • Sunday, May 11th: Community voting ends at midnight PT

  • Monday, May 12th: Finalist voting or secondary contest begins on AGI

  • Friday, May 16th: Finalist voting or secondary contest ends, winners crowned



  • 1st Prize: Limited Edition GTA4 Xbox 360 Elite Console courtesy of Gamerscore Blog

  • 2nd Prize: GTA4 for your system of choice courtesy of MediSpective

  • 3rd Prize: $20 Points Card for your system of choice courtesy of The Bobby Blackwolf Show

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