Reminder: Halo Legends’ "The Duel" on Halo Waypoint Nov. 21

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“The Duel” takes place thousands of years in the past at the dawn of the Covenant. The story follows a shamed Elite who defies his role as an Arbiter to take a path of revenge against those that stole the only thing that mattered to him. This ancient Arbiter must fight his way through ever-growing groups of former allies (Grunts, Elites, Hunters and more) until he finally stands face-to-face with the Elite who betrayed him.

The episode will explore the fictional depths of the “Halo” universe, giving fans a rare glimpse at the history from the point of view of their second-favorite protagonist in the “Halo” franchise. Stylistically, the episode introduces “Halo Legends” to the classic water color anime style, allowing the artists at Production I.G to venture on an original path to tell the captivating “Halo” lore.