The 12 Days of Gearsmas starts now!

On the first day of Gearsmas, everyone gets a Noobsaw. This means that shots will not interrupt the Lancer’s Chainsaw. Once it gets revving, only a kill can stop it.

On the second day of Gearsmas, it’s time for some melee instagib. One attack will tear your enemy to shreds in the usual messy fashion, with no need to hit twice.

On the third day of Gearsmas, you’ll get three Frag Grenades for every pickup. Worried about saving that last grenade? Just throw it—you’ve got three of ‘em.

On the fourth day of Gearsmas, Boomshots rule the day. Four shots, more bang for your boom.

On the fifth day, Wingman converts to five one-man teams. Get ready for 1x1x1x1x1 action all day.

On the sixth day, you get six satellites powering the Hammer of Dawn. Think infinite ammo, Gears 1–style.

On the seventh day, each mortar gets seven shells instead of the typical three. Bombs away!

On the eighth day, it’s a blast from the past with eight retro gamers—four vs. four, in classic Gears action. (Note that Horde and Wingman won’t be affected by this change.)

On the ninth day, the Boomers invade Horde mode. You’ll get squads of Boomers on all waves ending in the number 9.

On the tenth day, you’ll get 10 waves of Kantus to spice up your Horde experience—if you can survive it, that is…

On the eleventh day, eleven meatflags will be taunting (Chaps + 10 players = 11!), so you can go ahead and add double experience to Submission matches.

And the twelfth day? How about all 11 modifications applied all at once? Get ready for total action-packed Gearsmayhem!

If that wasn’t enough, there’s still one more surprise: Golden weapons will be unlocked for all 12 days, and the current double XP will convert to triple XP. And that means that Days 11 and 12 will be 6x XP in Submission. Chaps better get his running shoes on!

Gears of War