XBLA Today: 3on3 NHL Arcade and Minesweeper Flags now available

The time has come once again for more additions to the Xbox Live Arcade. Up this Wednesday, 3on3 NHL Arcade. As a no holds bar aka throw out all of the rules game of hockey, 3on3 NHL Arcade is what you’ve been waiting for if your in for simplistic sports action. Power ups all with online play are what your in for. This title will set you back 800 Ms points.

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MS Flags

Also coming to XBLA today is the release of Minesweeper Flags for all of you who need more than what most likely is readily available on any computer for the low low price of free. No really if you didn't already know, go fishing around that program list you’ve got there. But if you must, for 400 MS points you can have it on your Xbox 360 as well. Un conventional maps and up to 4 player multiplayer play across 3 game modes is just a download away.

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-William “thewilleffect” Bell-