Halo Wars Demo available now


For those of you with that blind you it’s so shiny Gold Xbox Live subscription,  today is the day for you to experience Halo in a very different way. No more jumping over hurdles over the moon. No more beating down Major Nelson’s door for a code. No more cursing out Major Nelson when he delivers a code only for you to inevitably be beat out by someone else to enter it first. And more importantly, no more waiting regardless as you can turn on that “chill” box and sign onto Xbox Live and download the demo hassle free right now.

The demo consist of the first two campaign missions from the single player game and the multiplayer map Chasms where you can play in the skirmish mode. 1.4 GB is what you’ll sacrifice of your hard drive space.

*Silver members will have access to the demo of February 12th. 

*Click here to add the Halo Wars demo to your download que.

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-