Guitar Hero Metallica demo now rocking the XBLM



If you thought that the rhythm action genre wasn’t punishing enough for you then your savior has come in demo form. Anyone with any bit of knowledge of what Metallica is can only imagine the pain and agony that awaits them once they get a healthy dose of metal action to the tune of Metallica. Knuckles (finger tips in this case) bleeding and a furious beating of those “pretend” drums are here. A 1.02 GB download is all that’s stands between you and utter enjoyment or in most cases, utter defeat. Either way, utter defeat is free, for now. There are other bands sure, but we all know why you’re here. That is if you show up and face the pain.

Demo: Guitar Hero Metallica [MN]

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-William “thewilleffect” Bell-