Video: Mirror’s Edge in real life, sort of

The first time you set eye’s on Mirror’s Edge chances are you said to yourself, “I can do that”. Some time after, reality set in and you had come to the sad fact that you needed to stop lying to yourself. There is no way in hell your pulling off anything akin to what parkour is. Then again, that’s not what the gentlemen in the below video thought. As described by Youtube user azoazotube ,“The camera isn't attach to anything. It was either in my right or left hand while I jump around.” This would be a good time to bring in Darth Vader to say “Impressive”.


He actually did what 99.9% of us can only dream of doing, as we flip around our living rooms in hopes of becoming Jackie Chan some day. Anyway you look at it, skills not permitting, we can always just watch a video like this and wonder what its like.

Guy makes real life Mirror's Edge video while freerunning [Digg]