Check this out!: XNA Roundup

Lets face it, the Xbox Community game initiative isn’t going as dreamed of for anyone. The games are there, but do the masses know? Are they being reviewed properly by the XNA creators community? Why hasn’t Microsoft implemented a proper rating system(it’s kind of hard gauging what’s worth your time at a glance in a sea of “stuff” isn’t it?)? Sinicism is clearing coming from the inside as well citing something like episode 229 of Dead Pixel Live where two community games developers vent about their frustrations about the XNA community situation. Then, spawning off of this comes a site like http://www.varaves.com/.

Should we and everyone else be doing a much better job covering Xbox Community games? Of course. Given all of that, in comes XNA Roundup. A video series by “nicktheduderino”, XNA Roundup is a quick weekly roundup that highlights only community games. Select games are shown with an overview of what they are and what to expect. If your venturing into the community games section of the Xbox Live Marketplace XNA Roundup will be a great starting point.