New Releases this Week ( Zombified Battlestations edition)

New to retail this week for the Xbox 360 is a wide swath of titles that cover not just zombies once again, but World War II and yet another old school collection in the shmup vein this time around. If you’re looking for a new IP to dig into this week, this is not the week for you.

Battlestation Pacific is the followup to Battlestations Midway, but this time around your are in the Pacific. With Left 4 Dead you get, you’ve guessed it, Left 4 Dead. If you haven’t picked up Left 4 Dead yet this is the version you’ll want to get. For the “Shmup" fans out there comes a collection of all three of the now old school Raiden Fighter games with added Xbox Live support.

Battlestations Pacific

Left 4 Dead: Game of the Year Edition

Raiden Fighter Aces