XBLA This Week - Wallace & Gromit, Yosumin! LIVE & Boggle

This week we have the episodic game Wallace & Gromit releasing alongside a puzzle game made by Square, Yosumin! Live. EA has also released Boggle add on for the Hasbro Family Game Night.

Wallace & Gromit: Fright of the Bumblebees certainly perks my interest this week. It has been a while since there was a story drivin XBLA release so it definitely fills the void. With the game being spread across 4 episodes at 800 Microsoft Points [$10] each it is certainly more affordable than Penny Arcade and with the humor of Nick Park, it certainly will appeal to fans of Wallace & Gromit but it may grab those who are not fans of the series into the amazingness that is Wallace & Gromit. Add Wallace & Gromi trial to your queue.


Yosumin! Live is a puzzler that really puzzles me to be honest. You clear tiles by making rectangles and clearing the board is apparently not the immediate goal. A very odd one you will have to check out the trial to see if it is worth your 800 Microsoft Points [$10]. Add Yosumin! Live trial to your queue.

EA has also released Boggle which is well virtual Boggle. All the word fun of Boggle minus the tactile feel and with random XBL players versus instead of your annoying wordsmith siblings. It is really not my fault I cannot spell. I grew up in PA and was taught "Both" was pronounced "Bolth" which is not spelt that way so really it's not my fault! The full version will be 800 Microsoft Points [$10]. Add Boggle trial to your queue.

A full line up this week for XBLA check out the trials and spend your money wisely *cough* Wallace & Gromit *cough*