Lost Planet 2 Co-op and Mini Ninja’s Demo now available on XBLM

Hitting Xbox Live Marketplace is a demo two-fer. Up first is a Lost Planet 2 Co-op demo which is almost assuredly hoping to get the hype train rolling just as the initial demo for Lost Planet did back in 2006 with its snowing good looks for the first time on the Xbox 360. This demo checks you into an instance of the new four player Co-op as you and your comrades strategize against a giant Akrid.

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Also hitting XBLM is a Mini Ninja’s Demo. A huge change of pace for IO Interactive, this Mini Ninja's Demo gives you a chance to take the smallest ninja's out for a spin as you return piece to the land. Yep, it's cliche, but its got Ninja's and they make everything all better- -now don't they?

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