Ska Studios announces ‘Charlie Murder’

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“A lot of fans and media might see this as a shameless cash grab and marketing stunt prior to our new album releasing,” said lead singer and founder Charlie Murder. “They are all absolutely right. These dangerous and largely illegal habits we’ve developed on the road don’t exactly pay for themselves.”

“Being a punk fan myself this really is a dream come true. Charlie Murder is band with so much depth and such a wide array of talents I really couldn’t pass up this opportunity,” replied James Silva to no one in particular. “I’d also add that I did not write and record all of the music myself. Unless you like it in which case I did.”

Developed by Ska Studios Charlie Murder is the greatest punk rock beat‘em up ever. It is scheduled for release on Xbox LIVE Indie Games this March. Probably.


Charlie Murder:

Charlie MurderCharlie MurderCharlie MurderCharlie MurderCharlie Murder