Xbox Live Deals Abound!


New deals are popping up now for Xbox Live users, and good ones at that! First deal up, announced earlier this week, is a chance for Xbox Live Gold users to get some Microsoft points back! If you spend 2400 msp ($30 worth) in the month of October, you will be handed back 800 points when the calender turns to november. There's tons of new stuff to purchase this month - such as the brand new Borderlands DLC, the upcoming Left 4 Dead 2 content, or even the export key for Rock Band 2 into Rock Band 3 - and if you were on the fence for certain games (here's looking at YOU, Sonic Adventure), then now's the time to spring for it and get some cash back at the end of the month.

The second deal is a part of Microsoft's ongoing attempts to counteract the monthy Live price increase, but this one's a great deal. Available on the 360 dashboard only, if you purchase 24 months worth of Xbox Live in one sitting, NOT ONLY will you receive 15% off to give up a more reasonable $84 for two years, BUT you will also receive 1600 Microsoft points once the promotion period is over. That's definitely a lot of bang for your buck.

Happy saving folks!