Ska Studios' ZP2K9 sequel ZP2KX is on its way the week of Nov 28th


The Xbox Indie Games channel is about to receive another "smaddering" of multiplayer madness from Ska Studios. Waiting for the sequel to Dishwasher (Dishwaher: Vampire Smile) is just that much more viable now that a step back into the wild world of multiplayer mayhem from the surprise hit of ZP2K9 in the form of Zombies and Pterodactyls 20XX. If you didn't play the original for a meesly 80 Microsoft points you'll get yet another chance to do the same again as ZPSKX is also 80 Microsoft points. Look for the game in the Indie Games section of the Xbox LIVE Games Marketplace durung the week of Novemeber 28th.

When asked about their controversial involvement in the development of such war propaganda, Ska Studios responded; “We’re in the business of creating the finest, most immersive indie games ever. That has always been and will forever be our goal. ZP2KX is just that, a quality indie game that is pure entertainment and we cannot be held responsible for what gamers do outside of that experience. All hail the Pterodactyl King.”

Head on over to the official site for the game at http://www.zp2kx.com for more info.